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Celebrity death match...

I guess it's time for the random public post... "public" being like, you, you and maybe you. I just didn't feel like posting this on Facebook. So like, whoa, I keep dreaming about gruesome celebrity deaths that leave me feeling seriously disturbed. I'm usually pretty good at determining the sources of my dreams, but this is confusing. It started with a dream that Beyonce was shot on stage by JayZ... is that how you spell his name? I don't even know. I don't keep up with these people. So yeah, Beyonce was singing and JayZ shot her in the stomach, and she fell down, but kept singing just to defy him and show strength and determination to the crowd... until her intestines fell out. Then she just started screaming. So... that was disturbing. THEN, I had a dream that Michael Jackson's death actually had something to do with his detachable nose. Ew.

And so then, last night, I had a dream that one of those Disney star kids died. I don't remember which one. They all look the same to me. But this one was a little quirky. He died while touring Europe because he stepped on a land mine. For some reason he already had specifications of what he wanted his funeral to be like, and this kid REALLY liked zombies. He wanted his funeral to be like a haunted house, with his grave at the end of it. For some reason I went to his funeral. I think because my sister was such a huge fan or whatever. It was so. creepy. For some reason they made you go through the haunted house alone, because it would be much scarier that way. There was all the usual stuff, but then there was a hologram of the kid himself, because he wanted you to think he was a ghost. But the worst part was when you got to the actual grave. It was surrounded in people dressed up as zombies, tossing around pig intestines and cow hearts and pretending to eat this guy, basically. 

I ended up having to actually argue with my sister about why I found this display distasteful. "Seriously, Jenna. There's something very not cool about seeing internal organs flying up in the air over this kid's grave. I mean... he was blown apart by a land mine!"

Maybe I dreamed about celebrity death last night because Whitney Houston died? But this dream is very far from a logical response. I'm thinking about just avoiding the news for a while as an experiment. It might be worth it. 



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