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My second first livejournal entry

 I have an old livejournal, but you don't get the link. Unless you already have the link. If you do, then shhhhhh! 

I think it would be funny if I posted more here than in the old one, because that would be the reverse of what seems to have usually happened with livejournal. I'm back mostly because as much as I love facebook, it feels so... exposed. Whereas livejournal is like that empty bedroom you discover in the back of a house party, and wind up poking around in there, sharing secrets, and feeling sly and sneaky. 

Speaking of sly and sneaky, I just completed a box-kite with my most awesome boyfriend, Jeffrey. I decided to intentionally make it look like a UFO, in hopes that some misguided person or another would take photos of it and be left with a belief that would send them even further into their world of silly, wrong, non-reality. Maybe their friends too, if they showed them these utterly convincing photos of extraterrestrial life.  It definitely looks like something that could bait the imagination of one of those poor abduction story saps. It's silver, because everyone knows aliens make their spaceships out of something similar to chrome-plated aluminum, and that they don't paint them. Not painting them gives them a futuristic look, somehow.  It also has a funny shape, because even though these lifeforms know enough about our atmosphere and our civilization to have been studying and abducting us for years via their hovery space crafts, they still haven't figured out how to blend in with our aviary technology. Quite to the contrary, they tend to look really bizarre and stick out like a sore thumb, as though they're taunting us with our inability to capture them, or really prove their existence. 

My box-kite definitely appeals to these themes.  

Fooling a Believer wasn't my original intent. I don't go around burning images of religious figures into foodstuffs and then dropping them off at potlucks or anything. My original intent was to simply make a box-kite, and see if it would fly.  I felt weird though, asking the walmart fabric lady which of her fabrics would fly the best, so I picked the one that looked like it would, and one of my top choices happened to be silver. I realized that would make my kite look like a stereotypical UFO, and saw it as an extra perk. 

Now I just need wind. 



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Feb. 26th, 2011 10:05 pm (UTC)
Yay! First comment! :)

I'm pretty sure that now I'm probably going to start writing in my livejournal again. Maybe. This feels pretty cool.

I can't wait for some wind for the box-kite AKA fooler-of-the-way-too-credulous.

And also, that is a really good idea; the burning religious images into foodstuffs thing. Sounds like a possible future afternoon well-spent, really (so does the empty bedroom in the back of a house).
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